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Where to buy 1P-LSD and its effects

Posted by on April 04, 2017 . 0 Comments.


General information about this chemical

1P-LSD is a research chemical which is under study and up till now, there hasn’t been any human usage history available about this chemical. Over the past few years, the chemical has attained some popularity and hasn’t yet been banned from most of the countries in the world. However, it is seen as an ambiguous substitute for LSD. This is because the 1P-LSD has a similar chemical structure to that of ALD-52 and LSD. This suggests the researchers about a similar profile of this drug with the other two chemicals.

Since, there has been very little use of this chemical, it hasn’t been researched well and very less information is available about its pharmacology. All the observations and comments are based on the assumption that its structure is similar to LSD and some other designer drugs, so there is a high probability of similarity in effects as well.

Where to Buy 1p-LSD

It was introduced properly in 2015 when it was being marketed as a legal alternative to the banned LSD. There were and still are a lot of online research chemical vendors from where this chemical is easily available. Currently, the research chemical vendors are selling this chemical compound in the form of blotter sheet tabs which are easily accessible. It is being marketed as a research chemical that means it is being legally sold only for research and chemical purposes and the human consumption is prohibited.

The main focus of selling this drug is in the laboratory settings where the product is sold just for research purposes. Even the online vendors strictly prohibit the human consumption of this drug. For convenience in research, the compound is being supplied in 100 µg blotters. The ones who are experimenting or researching on this drug are advised to take care of safety precautions and wear appropriate safety gear while handling the compound. All the users of this chemical must follow the standard safety procedures and protocols while using this chemical. If, by mistake or on purpose, this chemical is consumed by any human, then it is advised to go for immediate medical assistance.

Effects of 1P- LSD

Because of less research on the drug, not much information on its effects is available. However, the researchers have pointed out some evident effects which are mentioned as follows:

·         Increased heart rate

·         Muscle spasms

·         Body control enhancements

·         Pupil dilation

·         Tactile enhancements

·         Nausea

o   Some moderate nausea effects are often reported when this chemical is consumed in moderate or high doses. The nausea condition may pass instantly once the consumer starts vomiting or the irritating condition may soon fade away gradually by itself as soon as the peak sets in.

·         Spontaneous tactile sensations

o   If a person will consume this chemical, he is expected to experience a body high condition which will be way more intense in proportion as compared to the other effects like cognitive and visual effects. There will be a tingling like sensation which will be location specific, fast-moving, sharp and euphoric. For some of the people, the sensation is established at once at some unpredictable points throughout the trip. However, for most of them, the tingling sensation prevails steadily for a long time which rises with the onset and once peak is reached, the sensation also reaches the peak. If moderate or high doses will be consumed, then the sensation developed will be at the highest level and it will be extremely overwhelming, such that the people will start writhing on the floor and feeling complete pleasure.

·         Stimulation

o   Consuming 1P-LSD can affect the physical energy levels of the tripper a lot. It is generally regarded to be stimulating and energetic. If you take this compound in any environment, then the physical activities will be encouraged like climbing, running, dancing or walking. This is a strange point as the other psychedelics commonly used by people result in a relaxing or sedating effect. But, the effect of 1P-LSD is opposite.

Toxic and long term effects

The most important and crucial factor to study about this drug are the toxic and other long term effects. Till now, the recreational usage of 1P-LSD has not seen any sort of toxic or long term adverse effect. Less human consumption history may be a reason of this because up till now, the exact toxic dose is unknown. It is still categorized as a research chemical and toxic effects can surely be discovered after researching on this drug. There have been some anecdotal evidence from the people who have tried 1P-LSD and they suggest the drug to be harmless with no negative health effects. However, this is not a sufficient enough proof to start consuming this drug. Independent research should always be done and the safety of this chemical for consumption must be assured. It is strongly recommended for the people who use this drug to apply the harm reduction practices before using this drug. 

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