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Buy 1P-LSD with Bitcoin online - Effects

Posted by on February 28, 2019 . 0 Comments.

Buy 1P-LSD with Bitcoin online - Effects


1P-LSD firstly appeared in the online global chemical market in 2015. It is a molecule that belongs to the lysergamide family of substances. Those molecules are known for their psychedelic effects which are caused by their binding to the 5-HT2a serotonin receptors in the brain. The effects of 1P-LSD in the human body vary a lot and they are presented in details below.


Physical effects of 1P-LSD

-Stimulation. People who receive a sufficient dosage of this molecule will feel more energetic and stimulated. They tend to take part in physical activities, including running or dancing and they want to perform various tasks to get rid of all this extra energy-Spontaneous bodily sensations. People may feel some tingling across their body without any obvious cause. For most individual this feeling becomes more and more increased until it reaches the peak. When this peak is reached, the person feels full of pleasurable sensations.


-Heart symptoms. A medium to high dosage of 1P-LSD can affect the heart in various ways. An increase in blood pressure is observed along with an increased heart rate and vasoconstriction.


-Nausea and yawning.

Nausea has been reported by users who received a moderate dosage of 1P-LSD. People also, tend to yawn.

Cognitive effects



The most important cognitive effect of 1P-LSD is the sense of anxiety and even paranoia. Users feel agitated, stressed and they have a feeling that they are being harassed or prosecuted by others at all times without an obvious reason.




People experience some pleasurable feelings, including happiness, by and excitement. -Creativity, focus and novelty enhancement. The consumption of 1P-LSO leads to an increase in the person's ability to create new ideas, think alternatively about nature, arts and existing concepts and he can also, focus on certain aspects of the environment.


-Analysis and immersion enhancement. Individuals feel more able to analyze circumstances, concepts, scenarios and various ideas. Moreover, they may feel captivated by external stimulants, like TV shows and other forms of media.


-Delusions and thought loops. People usually experience an incorrect inference concerning the real life and they are often trapped in their thoughts and emotions.


Visual effects


-Color and visual acuity enhancement. Users of 1P-LSD can actually see the objects more vivid and bright than ordinary men and they have a tendency towards having a clearer and sharp vision: Drifting and color shifting. The consumption of higher dosages of this molecule can result in a change in the way people experience colors shapes of various objects.


Hallucinatory effects


1P-LSD can cause a series of different hallucinatory effects, including internal hallucinations, external ones and machinescapes. Users can experience a feeling of dreaming with their eyes open or they can imagine landscapes, objects, people or ideas that does not actually exist. Moreover, they may face the machinscapes situation that includes the imagining of objects that are vast in size and intricacy.


1P-LSD can cause various effects to the human body, both positive and negative. 1P-LSO blotters can be bought online with the use of Bitcoins at checkout via the following link,

1p-LSD wholesale bulk supplier.

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