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Where to buy Diphenidine and its effects

Posted by on April 04, 2017 . 0 Comments.

Where to buy Diphenidine and its effects

General info on the chemical

The diphenidine is an under- study chemical which is sold online in the category of research or experimental chemicals. This chemical was first synthesized back in 1924. It was discovered by the same nitrile displacement reaction as the one that was used to discover phencyclidine afterwards in 1956. There have been some anecdotal reports that describe some effects of diphenidine were reported to be as some bizarre somatosensory phenomenon that occurs because of high intake dose. Some other effects include transient anterograde amnesia.

Effects of Diphenidine

Some researchers have reported various effects of diphenidine. Their research primarily bases upon the collaborative anecdotal evidence. It is reported that it has a much more rapid onset and there is a lower half-life of this chemical when it is smoked or vaporized. So, if this chemical is consumed in this way, it will be suspected to be carcinogenic as some excess heat will be used. There have been some other user reports that conclude that vaporization for vaporization, you need to have a minimum of at least 20% of what would be a common oral dose.

Physical effects

Some of the physical effects of this chemical are mentioned below:

·         Spatial Disorientation

·         Tactile suppression

o   In this condition, the sense of touch of a person is suppressed partially to entirely. The person starts to feel extremely numb. This substance also has many anaesthetic properties.

·         Tactile disconnection

·         Spontaneous tactile sensations

o   The user starts feeling a body high situation which is a pleasurable and sharp tingling sensation appearing throughout the body mostly in the head, on feet or on the hands.

·         Increased heart rate

·         Euphorbia

o   Physical euphorbia can also be caused by using Diphenidine. In this condition, physical euphorbia is felt by the user. The feeling may be an all- encompassing bliss or it may just be a mild pressure.

·         Stimulation

·         Motor control loss

o   This is a common effect of diphenidine where the user is unable to balance himself and coordination is disturbed by the loss of gross and fine motor control. Thus, when the onset is going to appear, one should immediately sit down rather than injuring yourself or the other person by falling over him.

·         Dizziness

o   This is not a commonly prevalent effect of diphenidine. Some of the people have reported that they feel dizzy after taking this chemical in even small doses.

·         Perceiving decreased weight

o   The person starts feeling weightless as if his body is floating. It produces stimulating effects which are really strange and provokes a person to perform more physical activities as body feels light and really easy to move.

·         Orgasm suppression

o   Even at higher doses, it is observed that diphenidine causes enhancement in the orgasm. The effect of orgasm varies from individual to individual.

·         Nausea

o   The person taking diphenidine should be aware of the fact that on taking high diphenidine doses, the person can experience nausea or vomiting. Moreover, the person may also not feel this as unpleasant as he should, apparently because he is deprived of the physical senses and is detached from them.

Toxicity and harm potential

The toxicity and harm potential of diphenidine is critical to discuss over here because recreational diphenidine causes many long term health effects and toxic effects which are currently under study and further research is required to bring all the adverse effects on one page. Diphenidine hasn’t had much human usage since its introduction and thus, the anecdotal evidence obtained from the recreational users is the only possible source for getting an insight to its effects at the moment. The people who have tried it haven’t mentioned any negative effects on moderate doses of diphenidine. However, independent research is required to ensure the facts and validate the effects so that it may be declared clearly safe or harmful for human consumption. Thus, it is highly recommended to use harm reduction practices before using this drug.

Where to Buy Diphenidine

There are various online research chemical sites from where you can buy diphenidine. It is not having much legal issues except United Kingdom where importing, supplying or producing this drug has been made illegal on May 26, 2016. In the other countries, it is currently regarded as a legal grey area drug. All you need to do is search for the research chemical vendors and you can surely get to know some credible dealers online who can provide you with the required quantity of diphenidine. However, be sure that you are using it according to the prescribed instructions. The instructions and other legal issues may vary from country to country and it is necessary that you take care of all the legal issues and other health parameters before taking this drug. However, if you are buying it for research sake, then you can simply buy and experiment with it.

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