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Buy 6-APB with Bitcoin online – Effects

Posted by on February 27, 2019 . 0 Comments.

Buy 6-APB with Bitcoin online – Effects

6-APB is also known as Benzofury or 6-(2-Aminopropyl)benzofuran which is an entactogen substance which belongs to the benzofuran class. It can cause disinhibition, euphoria, muscle relaxation and anxiety suppression. It is prohibited in most countries because it has acute side effects. Yet it is sold online on websites that guarantee to keep your identity anonymous. If you really want to keep anonymity while buying these products, then buying it online with bitcoins is the best option. You can buy the product online from

It was synthesized in the year 1993 as an alternative for MDMA. It was aimed to be non-neurotoxic but then was used for recreational purposes as a rave drug. It was used along with other entactogens containing benzofuran and then was banned in most countries. Still, its pharmacological properties are under research.

Effects of 6-APB:

These effects become intense and adverse if 6-APB is taken in high dosage and may even lead to serious injury or might be fatal too.

Physical effects:

Sedation and Stimulation: It causes stimulations as well as sedation and relaxation but is less energetic as compared to MDMA or MDA.

Physical sensations: it causes a body high which is moderate, euphoric and a tingling sensation throughout the body which might be pleasurable. It enhances bodily control and tactile capability as well as stamina and suppresses the temperature regulation.

Other physical effects: Other common effects include an increase in body temperature, blur, and vibrating vision, increase in heart rate and blood pressure, perspiration, dehydration, dry mouth, pupil dilation, appetite suppression, difficulty in urinating, teeth grinding. In some cases, it might also cause temporary erectile dysfunction and seizures too.

Visual effects:

These effects are less consistent than other psychedelics and can be caused because of the high dosage.

Enhancements: it causes mild visual enhancements in terms of color and pattern recognition.

Distortions: A distortion caused by this drug includes symmetrical texture repetition and tracers.

Hallucinations: It is likely to cause high to low level of hallucinatory states which is less consistent and common during the offset period of the drug. It includes transformations, external hallucination, internal hallucination and peripheral misinterpretation of information.

Cognitive effects: these effects include effects such as feelings of love, empathy, mental stimulation, euphoria, disinhibition and anxiety suppression. It can also lead to enhancement of sociability, focus, creativity, motivation, and emotions. One can also experience an improved sense of humor and libido by using this addictive drug. It serves as a stimulant too.

Auditory effects: This includes effects such as distortion, enhancement, and hallucination of the auditory system.

Transpersonal effects: it can lead to unity and interconnectedness along with existential self-realization. But the effects are not so pronounced as compared to other hallucinogens.

After effects: these effects occur during the offset of the drug and are opposite as compared to the effects that occurred during its peak. It is caused because of depletion of the neurotransmitter and includes conditions such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, appetite suppression, derealisation, brain zaps etc. it can also cause sleep paralysis, suicidal ideation, motivation suppression etc.

This drug is addictive and should be taken with care only if recommended by a physician.

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