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3-MEO-PCP Effects and where to Buy online.

Posted by on May 18, 2018 . 0 Comments.

A New Psychoactive Drug-The 3-MEO-PCP

3-MEO-PCP is basically a psychoactive drug that is used as an anesthetic. Other than this, its usage by humans is not known. There are several types of research done on this drug, but its composition and its use remained a secret for many years. Just a couple of years ago, the drug seemed to have got much more attention than in the past, and far more information about it is derived.

What is 3-MEO-PCP?

As a psychoactive drug, 3-MEO-PCP belongs to a family of drugs that has the properties to treat the psychological issues of people. It basically belongs to arylcyclohexylamine family of chemical substances. Many other similar drugs belong to this family, but 3-MEO-PCP is known to have its own place due to its some very different and effective properties. A very small proportion of the drug is enough to produce the psychoactive effects. The effects seem to last for a longer time as compared to any other such drug.

Effects of 3-MEO-PCP

There are multiple beneficial effects that 3-MEO-PCP produces in the mind and body of a person soon after it is ingested. Given below are those beneficial effects that are most profound of 3-MEO-PCP. A brief description of each is here.

  1. Euphoria

It is the most prominent positive effect that 3-MEO-PCP produces in the mind of a person. Immediately, as the drug enters the body of the user, that person starts to feel at ease. The excitement level starts to increase in just a few seconds, and it rises to a level that the person becomes completely satisfied for a good length of time.

  1. Mood Enhancement

This drug, 3-MEO-PCP, as it produces the euphoric effects in a person, the other mood enhancing chemicals also get released into our brain that detects the chemical and starts producing hormones that enhance our mood. The most abundant and prominent hormone that is released as a result of taking this drug into the body is the Dopamine hormone.

  1. Stimulation

Stimulation, as the name suggests is the thing that is related to being active. As the 3-MEO-PCP drug is consumed by a user, it increases the stimulation of the brain cells of that person. As a result of this stimulation effect, that person starts to feel more active and energetic than before. All the dullness and laziness go away I a matter of seconds.

Where to buy 3-MEO-PCP?

Although the research findings have proved the positive nature of the 3-MEO-PCP drug, but still there is a lot of hesitation on the part of governments of the world to make it a legal drug that can be sold in the medical store or the pharmaceutical companies. So, it is only available at the online stores, where the sellers are selling the drug along with the prescription of how and when to use the drug.

But one thing to take care of before buying from any online website is that make sure that the website is credible because many scammers in the online market are selling bad medicines in the name of 3-MEO-PCP.

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