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3-FEA Research Chemical Effects 3-Fluroethamphetamine Online Supplier

Posted by on March 22, 2018 . 0 Comments.

3-FEA or 3-Fluroethamphetamine-A Drug That Works Wonders

3-Fluroethamphetamine, also known as 3-FEA is a popular research chemical. Due to its pleasant effects, its use has now become common. It was first incepted in the first decade of 21st century. 3-FEA is mostly sold in the form of powder with a very sharp and different smell.

The initial dose recommended by most of the experience people is 30 milligrams. The effect of one dose last for almost 8 hours. The number of hours depends on the dose taken and the condition of the person. The onset of its effects occurs in less than a minute, in just 40 seconds.

Compared to similar drugs, 3-FEA produced less irritation, more alertness and greater pleasure in patients. Stimulation effects are also longer than the other recreational drugs. There is some important positive effect that it induces in a person suffering from mood swings, and depression. Some of its positive effects are:


It is a mental condition that 3-FEA induce in a person. It makes them feel high instantly. The feeling of excitement a joy replace the feeling of being low seemed and under confident. It not only makes a person feel happy out also induce the sense of complete contentment is experienced.

2.Mood Enhancer

3-FEA helps a person improve their mood. It sustains mood swings with just one dose. The fact is that 3-FEA controls the factors, such as, dopamine level, serotonin, and oxytocin that affect our moods. Many substances within 3-FEA can balance these hormones and in return improve our mood as well.

3.Brain Booster

3-FEA is a drug that has substances that can improve the brain functioning, essentially by improving the short-term and long-term memory of a person. It is a drug that does not help you improve yourself physically but also mentally. People who use 3-FEA become psychologically independent.

4.Anxiety Relief

People suffering from anxiety and depression get instant relief from3-FEA. Proper and timely doses increase the effects way more than taking them off and on, that is, without regularity.  3-FEA is a wonder drug for this condition, according to the experienced users.

Where to Buy 3-FEA?

3-FEA is taken in powder form. Due to its effects in balancing the imbalance hormones, this rug has become very popular in the recent years. Experts recommend the common light, medium, and strong doses after proper evaluation of the condition of the patient. Normally, the dose never crosses 50 milligrams. It depends on the degree of recreational effects that the patient is looking for.

There are many online stores, such as, gr8research,;,, and are the online stores that sell authentic 3-FEA medicine.

People who start over using it starts to feel that they are addicted to it and could not function well without it. Smart use of 3-FEA is, therefore, very important. As proper prior research before using 3-FEA is very important to find out that if it is a drug that is compatible with your condition or not.

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